• Benton County Judge Barry Moehring signed two disaster declarations in the month of October. The preliminary damage assessments for both the flooding and tornado events are completed. Benton County now is waiting on disaster declaration determinations from the State & FEMA.

    The Preliminary Damage Assessment (PDA) for the October 6th flooding event totaled almost $1.5 million. This surpasses the $849,942 threshold damage amount. If a state disaster declaration is issued for this event, Benton County and the municipalities will be reimbursed 35% of the actual cost to repair the damages to pre-disaster condition.

    The PDA for the October 21st tornado event totaled $6.5 million in losses. This surpasses the just under $4.5 million threshold damage amount. If a presidential disaster declaration is issued for this event, Benton County, the cities and non-profits that suffered losses will be reimbursed 75% of the actual cost to repair damages to pre-disaster conditions.

    Although we have met the thresholds to qualify for both disasters, the information must go through the approval process on the state and federal levels.

    Both declarations are still awaiting approval process, so there is no new information for citizens as far as assistance. There is no individual assistance for homes or businesses. However, we wanted to keep everyone up to date on the process. We will keep you updated as information is provided from the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management.

    For questions about this, please contact Channing Barker, Benton County Communications Director at (479) 721-3364.