• To avoid summoning a large crowd, the Circuit Judges and the Circuit Clerk, Brenda DeShields have cancelled the one-day jury orientation scheduled for April 10th. Out of an abundance of caution and to prevent further spread of COVID19, the April 10th Jury Orientation has been cancelled.

    Those summoned will still be included in the Benton County Circuit Court 2nd Term Petit Jury pool which includes the months of May – August. This means those who were summoned will still be subjected to being called to serve on a jury trial during these months. Even though the jury orientation has been cancelled, those who were summoned must still complete the jury summons document front and back and it must be returned to the Circuit Clerk’s office by April 15th.

    • The jury summons document must be filled out in black ink and must be signed at the bottom and the front of the page. Please include any appointments, vacation or other important dates that you may have during your term of service. You will find space on lines 12 and 13 of the jury document to do so.

    • The completed document must be returned via mail. Unfortunately, it cannot be dropped off in person. If the Circuit Clerk’s office does not receive this document by April 15th, those summoned will be reported as ‘failing to comply’ to the Circuit Court Judges Document should be mailed to: Circuit Clerk’s Office at 102 NE A Street Bentonville, AR. 72712

    Exceptions: If you have medical notes from the doctor and you have already been excused by a Circuit Judge, this does not apply to you.