• The Benton County Clerk’s office wants voters to know about the prevention and protocols in place to mitigate any negative effects COVID19 may have on the county election.

    Two runoff elections will take place starting on March 24th for State Representative 90 and State Representative 91. Voters will be eligible to vote in this runoff election if they live in one of those districts and only if they voted a republican, nonpartisan ballot or did not vote at all in the March 3rd primary election. Voters who voted a democratic ballot cannot legally vote in this republican primary runoff. The health, safety and voting rights of Benton County citizens is a priority for the Benton County Clerk’s office while in the midst of COVID19. In order to keep the public healthy during this time, the County Clerk would like to remind voters of their options while casting their ballot for this runoff election.

    Request an Absentee Ballot: The best way to request an absentee ballot is downloading it online at https://vote.bentoncountyar.gov and returning it by email, fax, or mail by Tuesday, March 24th.

    Email: CountyClerk@BentonCountyAR.Gov

    Fax: (479) 271-1019

    Mail: Betsy Harrell, Benton County Clerk 215 E. Central Avenue Bentonville, AR. 72712

    Although many people may not usually fill out an absentee ballot request, this is a recommended time to do so while trying to avoid large crowds. Voters may also request an application to be mailed to them by calling 479-271-1013, keeping in mind that the form must be received by the County Clerk’s Office no later than March 24th.

    In-person absentee ballot applications and absentee ballot applications by third-party delivery are available after March 24th, through close of business on March 30th.

    Voters are encouraged to call the County Clerk’s office if they have any questions. Resources: Dates, times, locations for primary runoff voting can all be found at https://vote.bentoncountyar.gov/ or by calling (479) 271-1013. If you are unsure if you can vote in the upcoming primary runoff election, you should check your voter registration on the vote site https://vote.bentoncountyar.gov/. This will indicate what district you are in, and also if you have a ballot available for the runoff. As we work to combat the spread of COVID19, Benton County leaders will be escalating sanitization methods and practicing social distancing while this election takes place. We encourage voters to use the absentee ballot option, or exercise their right to vote at one of the locations on the website mentioned above.