• Citizens are asked to utilize online services in order to prevent further spread of the Coronavirus. Based on his authority as custodian of County property, County Judge Barry Moehring acted Monday, March 16th to restrict public access to the Benton County Administration Building, Prosecutor’s Office, Benton County Courts Facilities and all satellite offices. Access is granted only to county employees, elected officials, judges, court officers, law enforcement and state employees who work for the courts and Prosecutor’s Office.

    Exceptions: Circuit Court needs such as certain juvenile hearings, certain criminal hearings, mental and or drug commitment hearings, orders of protection, emergency guardianship hearings, or body attachment cases. These will be heard at the corresponding Circuit Court divisions. Clients are asked to contact their attorneys with questions.

    The Department of Revenue Office at 2401 SW D Street in Bentonville will be open for the public to receive license plates, renew licenses or get new tags. However, the County Assessor and County Collector’s offices will not be staffed at this location. Therefore, the public must call or go online for these services.

    Resources: Benton County leaders ask the public to use online services as much as possible.

    Court ordered payments can be mailed to the Circuit Clerk’s Office at 102 NE A Street, Bentonville, AR. 72712.

    Land Recordings/Court Filings for the Circuit Clerk’s office will be received and processed by e-recording, e-filing or mail. The public can call (479) 271 – 1015 or visit https://bentoncountyar.gov/circuit-clerk/ for more information.

    To pay taxes, go online https://bentoncountyar.gov/collector/pay-taxes/. Call (479) 271 – 1040 for questions regarding taxes.

    To assess personal property, call (479) 271 – 1033 or go online https://bentoncountyar.gov/assessor/ To assess real estate, call (479) 271 – 1037 or go online https://bentoncountyar.gov/assessor/

    To obtain a marriage license, please call the County Clerk’s office at (479) 271 – 1013 or email CountyClerk@BentonCountyAR.Gov.

    Phone numbers and websites for the specific offices are as follows:

    County Judge: (479) 271 – 1000 https://bentoncountyar.gov/county-judge/ Circuit Clerk: (479) 271 – 1015 https://bentoncountyar.gov/circuit-clerk/ County Assessor: (479) 271- 1033 https://bentoncountyar.gov/assessor/ County Clerk: (479) 271-1013 https://bentoncountyar.gov/county-clerk/ County Collector: (479) 271-1040 https://bentoncountyar.gov/collector/ Prosecuting Attorney: (479) 271-1030 https://bentoncountyar.gov/prosecuting-attorney/ Public Defender: (479) 271 – 1028 or (479) 271 – 1015 https://bentoncountyar.gov/pub- lic-defender/